Monday, September 2, 2013

6 Ways To Come Up With Blogging Ideas When Your Brain Offers None

6 Ways To Come Up With Blogging Ideas When Your Brain Offers None

Some call it creativity gap. Others call it intellectual drought. But most people know it as writer’s block.
Whatever you call it, it’s not just a perceived mental state – it actually happens among writers from time to time, and despite its pervasiveness, many of them still are unable to come up with a resistance plan against it. For business bloggers, this barrier can significantly impact a marketing campaign, especially one that relies heavily on content.
The trick that most experts use to fight against writer’s block is to not force your brain to brew any ideas when it clearly doesn’t want to
Rather than settling with a substandard content born out of mind pressure, consider other methods that you can use to naturally cultivate an idea:
  1. Curate

    When you’re broke, you’d borrow money, and then pay it back. Same thing with blogging; sometimes you have to borrow ideas which you think can be useful. And you can always return the favor by giving credit to your sources.

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  2. Answer Questions

    As a blogger, you’ve probably received questions via email or the comments section of your blog. If you don’t have anything to write about, it’s about time you respond to those questions. It serves both of you; you now have a topic you can write about, and your reader would be pleased that his/her question was answered.
  3. Do Interviews

    The thing about interviews is that it talks about people first rather than concepts. Articles based on interviews can give insight from people who matter in the industry, or those who know exactly what they’re doing.  Plus, interview sessions can also open doors to a lot of other topics you can write about in the future.
  4. React to Current Events

    Writing about industry news and events makes your blog more pertinent and credible. It shows that you’re aware of what’s going on and you’re not timid to share what you have to say. Just make sure you know the distinction between a professional opinion and a personal rant.
  5. Blow Up Comments

    Sometimes a person could post a comment that is by itself a bloggable topic. It wouldn’t hurt to go over the comments section of your blog and of others just to see if you can pick up nuggets that you can draw inspiration on.
  6. Agree Or Contradict

    Although agreeing is more commonly used by bloggers, contradicting someone’s opinion easily attracts more readers. Why? People like to see both sides of each story so they can satisfy their brains in choosing a side to believe in. But remember, telling people how you disagree with someone can sometimes be construed as a personal attack. Emphasize that the idea, not the person, is the one you’re opposing.
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