Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How To Generate Leads In Facebook Using Lead Generation Marketing

Almost everyone is using Facebook and almost everyone has a Facebook account. Even big-time companies are using this very popular social media site as their launch pad to promote whatever products and/or services they have in store. They also use it to promote product awareness to a number of potential clients not just in the local scene but they can also audience in the international marketing. There are nine out of ten people all over the world who has their own Facebook account and, pretty sure, once they log in to their account, there is a possibility that they will see ads of a companies trying to offer something.  Once the person or another company is interested, they will gather more information about that product or service.  That is what people call as lead generation marketing

B2b telemarketing companies are not just using telemarketing services generate business leads but they are now also using social media marketing to gather those leads. Other than Facebook, some entrepreneurs  utilize other social media sites like Twitter or LinkedIn and many more.

If there are individuals who are devoted to search friends and long-lost relative for two hours on Facebook, some companies can devote their time in looking for new potential customers. They know very well that the competition in the sales, business and marketing world is very stiff and very fierce and they need to know more additional new methods on how to generate those qualified leads and get to know more about their potential clients and even gather more and more new customers via lead generation marketing using social media marketing.

However, when it comes to generating qualified leads on Facebook, according to business experts, it is highly recommend not to discuss about the business especially if it’s the first time for the company to use the social media site.  This is one error that most online businessmen are doing. They usually try to pitch their products and/or services almost every second, every minute, every day and people and other companies who can see these pitches will be annoyed, will be pestered and they will simply ignore everything as time goes by.  A company should never spill the beans concerning their business unless someone is showing his desire to learn more.

If a company has its own Facebook account and the guys handling the account will post some mini notes and small articles about something that is not about their products and/or services, there will be a chance to someone will get curious and will try to get in contact with that Facebook account administrator. The best way for companies to promote their products and to generate more sales leads is to first connect with people. They should be friendly and if they really want to post something, they should post something that doesn't sound as if they are trying to sell something.  For instance, if a food supplement company wants to promote their products, they should first post articles regarding information about different illnesses and how to prevent or cure them through conventional means, etc.  Once a company has the attention of their prospect, they can start to use social media marketing to gather and generate qualified leads and get to know more about the client company and find out what their needs are and who the decision maker is.
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