Monday, December 9, 2013

What To Look For An Effective Data Cleansing Team In Australia

Business data – this is the one asset that your company will need in order to make the right decision. Too often, we marketers fail to consider what we should know about in your B2B lead generation campaign, simply concentrating on getting more calls done in a single day, in the hope that this would help you get more sales leads coming in. You will need a good data cleansing and verification team then. Such a team would be able to verify the information contained in your business list, enabling your marketing team to make more business calls without the risk of bad leads or duplications. Now, for you to organize your team, you have to take note of the following characteristics of the good ones:
  1. A positive attitude – generating B2B leads is not a joke, considering the stress and rejections rates that they have to face. If you can find someone with a natural sense of humor, or looks at things with a positive attitude, you should give them a chance to shine.
  2. Enthusiasm – the work can be draining, and mind-numbing. This is especially true if this is a long-term campaign. Excellent B2B appointment setters possess an enthusiastic outlook, keeping them going despite the drudgery that can be expected in this work.
  3. They worked hard – this is where past job experiences enter the picture. No matter how promising someone is, if their past work is less than stellar, then you might want to reconsider. You have to hire the best, remember?
  4. Self-motivated – you cannot give a pep talk every day, this is practically impossible. You have plenty of things on your plate in the first place. It would be much better if you can work with someone who can motivate themselves in getting things done.
  5. They have a clear and friendly voice – this is an important consideration in B2B telemarketing, where voice quality is important. You need someone who sounds good on the phone in order to put prospects at ease and get the job done faster.
  6. Willing to go into an incentives scheme – performance-based commissions can be a winning proposition for both sides. This would ensure that the sales leads that you get are the best, and if they exceed their expected quotas, then they can get a higher commission.
  7. Is a team player – lone wolves may be good in some instances, depending on the tasks, but a team often gets more thing done at a faster rate. If you want to be effective in your marketing efforts, you have to find people who are willing to work with others.
  8. Confident – these people are sure of themselves and their skills. They are the people who rarely get depressed after a bad day in the office, always coming back with a cheerful smile in the face. If you can get these people to work for you, then you will be lucky in your B2B lead generation campaign.

Seriously, if you can work with these people, then you will not have problems with your data cleansing and verification efforts.

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