Monday, December 9, 2013

What To Look For An Effective Data Cleansing Team In Australia

Business data – this is the one asset that your company will need in order to make the right decision. Too often, we marketers fail to consider what we should know about in your B2B lead generation campaign, simply concentrating on getting more calls done in a single day, in the hope that this would help you get more sales leads coming in. You will need a good data cleansing and verification team then. Such a team would be able to verify the information contained in your business list, enabling your marketing team to make more business calls without the risk of bad leads or duplications. Now, for you to organize your team, you have to take note of the following characteristics of the good ones:
  1. A positive attitude – generating B2B leads is not a joke, considering the stress and rejections rates that they have to face. If you can find someone with a natural sense of humor, or looks at things with a positive attitude, you should give them a chance to shine.
  2. Enthusiasm – the work can be draining, and mind-numbing. This is especially true if this is a long-term campaign. Excellent B2B appointment setters possess an enthusiastic outlook, keeping them going despite the drudgery that can be expected in this work.
  3. They worked hard – this is where past job experiences enter the picture. No matter how promising someone is, if their past work is less than stellar, then you might want to reconsider. You have to hire the best, remember?
  4. Self-motivated – you cannot give a pep talk every day, this is practically impossible. You have plenty of things on your plate in the first place. It would be much better if you can work with someone who can motivate themselves in getting things done.
  5. They have a clear and friendly voice – this is an important consideration in B2B telemarketing, where voice quality is important. You need someone who sounds good on the phone in order to put prospects at ease and get the job done faster.
  6. Willing to go into an incentives scheme – performance-based commissions can be a winning proposition for both sides. This would ensure that the sales leads that you get are the best, and if they exceed their expected quotas, then they can get a higher commission.
  7. Is a team player – lone wolves may be good in some instances, depending on the tasks, but a team often gets more thing done at a faster rate. If you want to be effective in your marketing efforts, you have to find people who are willing to work with others.
  8. Confident – these people are sure of themselves and their skills. They are the people who rarely get depressed after a bad day in the office, always coming back with a cheerful smile in the face. If you can get these people to work for you, then you will be lucky in your B2B lead generation campaign.

Seriously, if you can work with these people, then you will not have problems with your data cleansing and verification efforts.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tips On More Productive B2B Telemarketing Services In Australia

Productivity is very important in business, no matter what products or services you are offering. Yes, this could be a bit difficult goal to achieve. This is the usual case when your market is in Australia, where sales leads prospects are pretty hard to be convinced by your B2B telemarketing team to buy or sign up to your products or services. You can understand just how uneasy, or just plain irritated, these prospects are, when it comes to someone calling the. You can understand just how troublesome it can be if you think about the history of marketers and how the telephone has become a very annoying form of marketing. And this is what you should be working on: how to be more productive without putting the annoyance in the minds of your prospects. This is how you do it:
  1. Listen – a good marketer is someone who knows how to listen to the needs of his sales leads prospects, not just someone who assumes that they already know what the market needs. Assumptions are a sure-fire way to ruin your chances of providing the right solution to your prospects.
  2. Perks – when done properly, promotional perks can be a powerful bridge between your telemarketing team and your customers in a B2B lead generation campaign. It creates a sense of urgency for your prospects, encouraging them to take advantage of whatever offer that you have at that time.
  3. Manage – from your B2B leads production team to the manager, properly managing your business prospects is paramount. You need to know where your business leads came from, where it is now, and who is handling what. These can influence your choice of communication medium that would fit your needs.
  4. Freshness – whether it is through ideas or data, fresh is always the best. And in case you have a hard time coming up with such solutions, you can also get everyone else in your company involved. You can never tell where your next big idea will come from.
  5. Relationships – treasure the customers you already have, since you do not know where you will get the new ones from. Besides, the cost of getting new customers is way bigger than the cost of keeping the old ones still interested in new. This is an area where your B2B appointment setting will be needed. Keep in touch with them. Give them a call. Let them know that, if there is anything they need for their business, you are there to help them.
  6. Community  sales leads prospects in Australia are usually more receptive to businesses that are active in the community or civic activities. You can make this a good business investment. Not only is this a way for you to give back to the community, you can use it as a great PR material.
  7. Updates – this is with regards to your online persona. Business leads that usually do background checks through the web are more receptive to those who appear to be up-to-date, in touch with current trends, and can provide the latest information about their related industry.

Do these, and your B2B telemarketing services campaign would be much easier to succeed in.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tips On More Productive Lead Generation Campaigns

When you organize a B2B lead generation campaign, you should know that it must be one that can put everything you worked for in a proper perspective.

Just going ahead and look for B2B leads without any real plan in mind, is a recipe for disaster. But that would be for extreme cases. The real problem with these kinds of activities deals with productivity. I mean, you cannot just maintain your level of sales leads production for an extended period of time. Sooner or later, you will just burn out. Now, we do not want that to happen, right?

Anyway, the solution here is rather simple: you just have to learn how to manage your marketing efforts.

And here is how you do it:

    1. Have a schedule

    Really, you must have a schedule of activities. It helps in organizing your thought processes. Not only that, but it also gives you an overview of what you should be doing during the day, and prevent you from missing out on any.

    2. Simplify your tasks

    The more complicated the task, the less likely will you want to deal with it on the spot. Now that would create problems for you later on. To avoid that, why not try getting dividing your work into stages, one that can be managed by you very well. That would be a better plan of action.

    3. Learn to prioritize

    You know, not everything can be done on the same day, so you have to know what B2B appointment setting task to perform on that day. You can then allocate your efforts towards tasks that needed to be done fast.

    4. Focus on your work

    This is very important if you are using telemarketing as the medium of communication. Being distracted can be a very damaging situation, especially if you are negotiating or finalizing transactions with your B2B leads prospects.

    5. Work against time

    This is a simple productivity tip, but one that can be used by all. Try timing your work, setting a time in which you can finish a specific task. That will help you improve productivity and focus your efforts in achieving results.

    6. Take a break

    You might be tempted to work all day, but your body has its limits. Try taking short breaks between tasks. This will help you recharge and get more work done later.

    7. Be positive

    A little positive outlook in life and work is a really important consideration. You see, having an optimistic belief on how things will turn out at the day’s end can do wonders for productivity, flexibility, as well as attentiveness, in your marketing campaigns.

    8. Control your efforts

    Mind you, not everything requires the same level of effort. Know which ones you should really focus on, particularly the ones where quality is involved.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting Millennial Employees On-Board In Phone Surveys

Millennial employees can be a headache, if you do not know how to manage them.

But that is the reality that you have to face in Australia’s business environment. Besides, millennials are just the products of their generation. They have been exposed to tons of information that we possibly did not have during our younger days.

As to making them help you in generate good B2B leads, it is all about understanding what they need and helping you get it. They can be really useful when you get them to cooperate in your phone surveys.

But here lies the challenge: how to make them cooperate.

This does sound like a tall order, but it is all about knowing where to start:

1.     Stay on the positive

Unlike the employees of old, millennial employees are driven by positive reinforcement.

It will not do well for you if you threaten them or criticize them, since they are not receptive to those tactics. Come to think of it, no one would really like to experience that, anyway. You have to understand this part if you want to properly push them to the desired direction.

2.     Manage them accordingly

While this rule would also apply to other age groups, this one would do well with a more personalized approach.

The others would do just fine by following set standards but millennials thrive on individuality and uniqueness. This might tire you out, but if you want to generate good sales leads, then this is the way to go.

3.     Be flexible

Keep in mind that millennials are raised in a liberal environment.

In other words, they believe that they are entitled to speak their minds, to make their own decisions, and practically to know everything. You might as well accept that, since there is no changing that reality. Rules should serve as guidelines, not the absolute truth. That is the only way for you to manage them right and get your B2B telemarketing campaign running.

Probe With Open-Ended Questions, Or Don’t Probe At All

4.     Let them have some ownership

Millennials are also driven by responsibility.

If they are given a position of leadership, no matter how small, millenials tend to take it seriously. This, in turn, would make them more committed to your vision and to your business. It is such a little thing, but one that can mean a lot for your lead generation campaign. You should consider this well if you want to get results.

5.     Provide clear instructions

Ambiguity and vague rules are not exactly a millennial’s cup of tea.

If you want them to work better, you have to make sure your instructions are clear and straight to point. Yes, this might be a little bit problematic for you, as the manager, but if you want them working the B2B appointment process right, you should keep this in mind.

Still, if you really find it too troublesome to work with millennials, maybe outsourcing your B2B lead generation needs to a professional marketing agency would help you. Just be sure you choose the right partner.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Do B2B Telemarketing Skills In Australia Come From Nature Or Nurture?

Do B2B Telemarketing Skills In Australia Come From Nature Or Nurture?

That is a very good question. And this is also the very issue that has long bothered the minds of many entrepreneurs.

You have to admit that generating sales leads can be tough, but to choose the right people for this kind of work could be even tougher. B2B telemarketing is not a job for anyone, and it takes a special kind of marketer to properly carry out a lead generation campaign properly.

You cannot just hire someone and expect them to generate customers for you at the get-go. Some are good at it, no doubt, but there are those who cannot really fit in to the job.

For this reason, a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs are asking themselves this somewhat eternal question:

Are B2B telemarketers born or made?

This has split not only marketers at the business front, but even academics in hallowed educational institutions hold endless debates over the value of educating marketers or training appointment setting representatives if their nature does not allow them to be naturals in generating sales leads.

One side claims that the secret to successful marketers lie in their genetic make-up and that no training or education can make a person with no marketing gene become a first-class business leader. The other side would say that genetics merely provide the platform, but it is the training and education of these people that actually brings out the best qualities of marketers and entrepreneurs.

Both have strong arguments, and the discussion may seem too academic to fit the tastes of many marketers, but this serves as an important piece of the business puzzle.

Markets move and evolve as time passes by, and the skills needed to properly generate B2B leads, nurture them, and convert them into an actual deal can be very challenging.

Not many appointment setters would be up to the task. In fact, most of them might fold at the stress and pressure in this kind of work. But there are those who really shine above the rest.

As for these people, whether they got to where they are currently standing on due to their natural skills or their training, a business owner or manager would not really have to look too deep into it. What matters is that these people can perform the task assigned to them and that they do it in the most effective manner. In a market just like Australia’s, that is a quality that is pretty hard to come by.

Anyway, if hiring the right telemarketers is giving you migraines, then you could just opt for the easier alternatives, like outsourcing to a competent B2B lead generation agency.

Such firms would have the people, the equipment, as well as the skills and training, to properly handle any of your marketing needs. All you need to do is to find the one that matches with your business operations seamlessly, and for you to constantly monitor them for performance. That is perhaps a better option for your company.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Where Does Social Media Stand In B2B Lead Generation?

Where Does Social Media Stand In B2B Lead Generation?


It’s no secret how the B2C industry has exploited (in a productive way) the power of social media.


Every day you see products on Facebook and Pinterest, read reviews via Twitter, and watch demonstrations on YouTube. 
But why is it that, albeit knowing that B2B prospects also engage in social media, companies in the B2B industry still hasn’t taken a full grasp at how it could work for them?
If you think about it, there are a lot of similarities between B2C and B2B lead generation in terms of utilizing social media, and B2B even has a clear advantage when it comes to knowing the features of their products and which group of people would be interested.
They’ve been able to come up with stories around their goods, produced wonderful images, engaged with peers on LinkedIn, and hosted multiple contests and promos.

Still, B2Bs cannot significantly show, let alone prove that social media has returned their investments.


That reality doesn’t stop marketers from embracing social media, though.
According to BtoB Magazine’s report entitled Emerging Trends in B2B Social Marketing (April 2013), only 6% of US B2B companies have no involvement whatsoever in social media, and that rate is expect to go even lower to 4% in 2014. The percentage of companies which are “very involved” in social media is currently at 22% this year, and the projected increase next year is at 37%.
Even without a clear return, companies are somehow “trapped” in the social media bandwagon, leaving them no choice but to concede to its obvious power.
But that power is only limited to exposure; customers almost “expect” a company to be on social media, and if your competitors are all doing it, a company would be silly not to respond.

Social Media Examiner went deeper into understanding why companies can never let go of social media.


In their study entitled 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report (May 2013), they found out that the top 3 reasons why they do it are: increased exposure (89%), increased traffic (75%) and providing marketplace insight (69%). The least reason: Improved sales at 43%.
Perhaps in the near future marketers will be able to figure out how to wrap a tape measure around their social media efforts, but for now it seems that they are committed to maintain their social presence out of sheer necessity, and not (yet) for the sake of productivity.
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