Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Looking For Sales Leads? Try A Little Arrogance

Generating sales leads is no simple job, since you need to first convince your business prospects that they will need your offer in the first place. Now that will take some skills. Success in B2B lead generation is dependent on your communication skills, the people you know, as well as how well you know your
product. There is also the factor of tenacity, of being able to handle rejections well. All these are just some of the factors you need to consider for a successful appointment setting. In closer examination, you will see a common thread between them all: confidence, or more like a touch of arrogance.

Arrogance is bad, no doubt about it. It will drive away potential B2B leads, as well as create embarrassing situations for you. But, once you dial it way down and get some hard facts to back you up, it can be very useful in swaying the attention of your audience. Many successful marketers, be it in social media, email, or even telemarketing, have this great personality that can push its way into the consciousness of prospects. They are confident in themselves, and they never back down from any opportunity. These are the people who never take no for an answer (or know when to back down when a lead gets them nowhere).

Confidence inspires trust, and trust can lead to a relationship with prospects. If you want to be successful in your lead generation campaign, like in the Asia-Pacific area, bring your chin up and start talking.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Relationships And Knowledge, The Two Needs In Lead Generation

Doing business in an Asia-Pacific market can be a real challenge, especially if this is your first time to do so. That is why a proper B2B lead generation campaign is necessary. But before you start conducting one, you need to remember two very critical elements in your marketing efforts. First, you need to establish a relationship with your business prospects. The second is having enough knowledge about the products and services that you offer. Without these two, you will be having a hard time getting any sales leads generated. But why should you give importance to these two elements?
  • In the first place, selling is not a one-way transaction. To make your appointment setting campaign successful, you need to first establish a link with the people you wish to do business with. This is where the people you know play an important part. While they may not be your direct targets, they can help you open communications with those you are interested in.
  • Second would be your knowledge of what you offer. How will business prospects trust your words if you do not know, or lack the know-how, to explain the value of your offers? You need to work on that as well, if you want to put up a convincing pitch to your prospective B2B leads. A little know-how in marketing mediums, like telemarketing, would also help.
Keep in mind these two marketing elements, if you want your lead generation campaign to be more successful in the end.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Power Of Follow-ups In Lead Generation

If there is one action that a lot of marketers tend to forget in the course of their B2B lead generation campaign, then it has to be the part after the initial appointment setting call – the follow-up. A lot of marketers forget that a follow-up call is very important in establishing a firmer position in the minds of business prospects and potential sales leads. You cannot believe just how many profitable deals are missed when you forget to call a business prospects on time, or in an orderly manner. If you want to be effective in fielding prospects, you need to know just how to follow up.
  1. Offer something new – after that initial sales call or after a deal is signed, try calling your customers and offer them some new or useful information, usually for free. This establishes you firmly into the minds of your prospects as reliable.
  2. Be ready to answer – sometimes, a telemarketing follow-up can provide your prospects or customers an opportunity to voice their concerns. Use that as a chance to answer their fears or provide them with useful service, increasing the chance of turning them into B2B leads.
  3. Tact – you also need to know when it is a bad time to call. If the prospect is busy, tell them that you understand and that you will call them at a later time.
A piece of advice: always be on time. Business owners and entrepreneurs value their time highly, and it will be bad for your lead generation campaign to miss
your appointment.

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