Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Can Outsourcing B2B Telemarketing Offer You?

There are several Australian firms which turn into outsourcing when it comes to their b2b or business to business lead generation services. However, they are being bombarded with unwillingness. Well, nobody can blame that since it is not an easy decision to entrust one’s lead generation campaign to third party service companies. Nevertheless, prior to granting their ultimate decision of doing an in-house campaign, they must try to look at the following benefits which outsourcing can bring.

  1. Equips staff for the business appointments. When the companies utilize their own staff in order to perform cold calling methods, there’s a huge opportunity that the employees won’t be ready for the scheduled appointments. In turn, this would minimize the chances of closing the sales. With the aid of outsourcing, the in house marketers are provided sufficient time in crafting the most ideal methodology on closing sales probabilities.
  2. Fewer obstacles to entry. Not like in the in-house programs which require bigger investments, outsourcing enables SME’s (small and medium businesses) located in Australia to go for b2b telemarketing by expending low costs only.
  3. Empowering other direct marketing instruments. Business to business telemarketing summons the other marketing channels. A mailing campaign becomes even more efficient when being followed up by the telemarketing calls. In similar way that the phone is also being employed to enhance a website’s traffic.
  4. Access to state of the art technology and professional expertise. Lack of expertise and the absence of the modern technology will no longer be a concern when outsourcing lead generation program. This is due to the fact that outsourcing service providers are manned by professional telemarketers through focused call center functions.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top Three Ways To Ruin Your Telemarketing Campaign

Being in business is certainly one that calls for being resourceful. This means that you need to use all available resources in order to get ahead in business. By getting ahead, it means you need to defeat your competition. To achieve that, you will need the latest market data on business trends, which is something that professional telemarketing services is good at. Now this is where the problem comes in. How sure are you that the telemarketers you hire are competent enough?

Below are the top three ways to wreak your telemarketing business:

Hiring the green horns - one thing that seasoned companies can do to create misery in their business is to hire complete amateurs to do the job. Not only will they certainly bungle up big accounts that have been given to them, but they are certainly going reduce your company’s efficiency big time.

Think that telemarketing services works like magic – if you believe that you will start to get results on the first day that you put your telemarketing team to work, then you are sadly mistaken. Information retrieval and analysis takes time to develop, and depending in your target market, results might take a long time to make.

Assume that all telemarketers are the same – you can say goodbye to sales if you think that telemarketers are all honest lot. While we can rest assured that established companies can offer you superior service, there are those who bring nothing but trouble. It would do you well if you avoid such frauds.

Friday, February 17, 2012

3 Important Tips Before Conducting Cold Calling

If companies in Australia want to acquire the best tool in targeting prospects and encourage them to respond right away, then establishing and carrying out a business to business telemarketing is a must. However, this method comes with various tests and risks from the easiest down to the most difficult form. One of the most common challenges in the telemarketing campaign process is the one concerning the difficulty in reaching decision makers when the gatekeepers are the ones receiving the telephone calls. Then, perhaps the biggest obstacle when it comes to business telemarketing is the huge possibility of the sales lead to hang up the phone even prior to the professional telemarketers could attempt their pitch. These are just some of the instances of the challenges most reliable telemarketers face in their typical day’s work. But fortunately, there are steps for these hurdles to be prevented.

Bear in mind that the central spotlight of cold calling is to get the prospects to listen up with what you want to say minus getting them irritated.

And here are some helpful tips:

  1. Listen—and listen well. Even though the cold callers do almost much of the speaking part, the sales leads who ask questions are usually the ones who are most interested. You can encourage them for business appointments if you truly understand their concerns and then be able to give them the appropriate response.
  2. Give a message prior to a telephone call. The primary step in building rapport and relationship. Marketers must send a direct mail or email to inform their leads that they expect a call.
  3. Research before calling. Each telemarketer must conduct research prior to the call. What a disappointment will be contacting the manager of a certain firm and you don’t even know his name.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lead Generation: What Makes it Essential for Australian Cleaning Companies

Various business organizations are consistently seeking capable and efficient cleaning services as they virtually got no time in cleaning their workplaces and offices themselves. And Australian firms are not exempted from needing and requiring cleaning services for their companies.

Australia, as small as it seems (Australia is also known as the world’s smallest continent), have lots of businesses which calls for competent cleaning services for their organizations. Nevertheless, calling and getting cleaning leads in Australia is renowned to be one of the very challenging circumstances in trying to set up business appointments with.

For one, Australia’s Do-Not-Call Registry system has been confirmed to be one of the most gravely guarded and occupied with various contact numbers in the whole world. In connection with this, cleaning firms in Australia turn into outsourcing; they outsource their lead generation campaigns to reliable business to business (b2b) telemarketing services companies. These telemarketing firms have previously obtained a sizeable quantity of prospects stored in the database located in their region. The listed prospects found in their database has always been regularly checked (usually double checked for verification purposes) in order to look for matches inside the Land Down Under’s Do-Not-Call Registry. It’s like this: if there is a match in contact numbers, then all they have to do is to simply get rid of that number.

Outsourcing functions to the b2b telemarketing firms is almost certainly the most ideal thing which cleaning organizations in Australia can fully capitalize on. Apart from taking care of the concern regarding the registry, they could also deal with other legal matters which cleaning business establishments may encounter if they attempt the campaign on their own.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Crucial Competencies Every Telemarketing Call Center’s Management Should Have

The Crucial Competencies Every Telemarketing Call Center’s   Management Should Have
Australian firms have always been meticulous when it comes to choosing their business partner for their lead generation services. This is mainly the reason why companies in Australia are doing well in selecting telemarketing call centres. The secret lies in Aussie companies looking just beyond the price tag; often, they set the standards which would gauge just how well outsourcers do their jobs and then carefully assess each important aspect of a quality and reliable telemarketing services provider. They won’t let lead generation failure to occur simply because they made a wrong choice.

The management competencies of the outsourcers is one of the key areas which firms in Australia really keep their tabs on. This is so because they consider the words, actions and people heading the management mirror that of the entire company. For that reason, it’s extremely essential that the key individuals (in telemarketing call centre) which they would befriend possess the needed skills and competencies.

The following checklist include some of the very vital must-have competencies which the management of outsourcers should possess.

  1.  Establish connection with clients.
  2. Show ethical character and behavior.
  3. Foster employee growth and improvement.
  4. Be involved in strategic ideas and planning.
  5. Encourage transparent communication with everyone.
  6. Create networks and teams.
Very notable on the list is that the telemarketing company’s key people must not only possess brilliant minds but they should also demonstrate positive human relations not just with the customers they serve, but also with other employees and subordinates they have.
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