Friday, February 17, 2012

3 Important Tips Before Conducting Cold Calling

If companies in Australia want to acquire the best tool in targeting prospects and encourage them to respond right away, then establishing and carrying out a business to business telemarketing is a must. However, this method comes with various tests and risks from the easiest down to the most difficult form. One of the most common challenges in the telemarketing campaign process is the one concerning the difficulty in reaching decision makers when the gatekeepers are the ones receiving the telephone calls. Then, perhaps the biggest obstacle when it comes to business telemarketing is the huge possibility of the sales lead to hang up the phone even prior to the professional telemarketers could attempt their pitch. These are just some of the instances of the challenges most reliable telemarketers face in their typical day’s work. But fortunately, there are steps for these hurdles to be prevented.

Bear in mind that the central spotlight of cold calling is to get the prospects to listen up with what you want to say minus getting them irritated.

And here are some helpful tips:

  1. Listen—and listen well. Even though the cold callers do almost much of the speaking part, the sales leads who ask questions are usually the ones who are most interested. You can encourage them for business appointments if you truly understand their concerns and then be able to give them the appropriate response.
  2. Give a message prior to a telephone call. The primary step in building rapport and relationship. Marketers must send a direct mail or email to inform their leads that they expect a call.
  3. Research before calling. Each telemarketer must conduct research prior to the call. What a disappointment will be contacting the manager of a certain firm and you don’t even know his name.

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