Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting Millennial Employees On-Board In Phone Surveys

Millennial employees can be a headache, if you do not know how to manage them.

But that is the reality that you have to face in Australia’s business environment. Besides, millennials are just the products of their generation. They have been exposed to tons of information that we possibly did not have during our younger days.

As to making them help you in generate good B2B leads, it is all about understanding what they need and helping you get it. They can be really useful when you get them to cooperate in your phone surveys.

But here lies the challenge: how to make them cooperate.

This does sound like a tall order, but it is all about knowing where to start:

1.     Stay on the positive

Unlike the employees of old, millennial employees are driven by positive reinforcement.

It will not do well for you if you threaten them or criticize them, since they are not receptive to those tactics. Come to think of it, no one would really like to experience that, anyway. You have to understand this part if you want to properly push them to the desired direction.

2.     Manage them accordingly

While this rule would also apply to other age groups, this one would do well with a more personalized approach.

The others would do just fine by following set standards but millennials thrive on individuality and uniqueness. This might tire you out, but if you want to generate good sales leads, then this is the way to go.

3.     Be flexible

Keep in mind that millennials are raised in a liberal environment.

In other words, they believe that they are entitled to speak their minds, to make their own decisions, and practically to know everything. You might as well accept that, since there is no changing that reality. Rules should serve as guidelines, not the absolute truth. That is the only way for you to manage them right and get your B2B telemarketing campaign running.

Probe With Open-Ended Questions, Or Don’t Probe At All

4.     Let them have some ownership

Millennials are also driven by responsibility.

If they are given a position of leadership, no matter how small, millenials tend to take it seriously. This, in turn, would make them more committed to your vision and to your business. It is such a little thing, but one that can mean a lot for your lead generation campaign. You should consider this well if you want to get results.

5.     Provide clear instructions

Ambiguity and vague rules are not exactly a millennial’s cup of tea.

If you want them to work better, you have to make sure your instructions are clear and straight to point. Yes, this might be a little bit problematic for you, as the manager, but if you want them working the B2B appointment process right, you should keep this in mind.

Still, if you really find it too troublesome to work with millennials, maybe outsourcing your B2B lead generation needs to a professional marketing agency would help you. Just be sure you choose the right partner.

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