Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Run Your Online Business Like Australian Momprenuer

Australian mompreneur Lizzie Randerson, owner of Facebook craft store “Craft makes Me Happy”, was recently interviewed by herBusiness. Her story is a great model for other would-be small mompreneurs in Australia.

A graphic designer by profession, Lizzie always enjoyed creating crafts. Because her business began from something that she personally enjoys doing (it’s called “craft makes me happy” for a reason), she didn’t have any lead generation strategy to begin with. Because she also didn’t have any substantial background in marketing, Lizzie started going around sewing and craft groups online to get an idea of what her target market bought and how to sell her products. Before actually opening her Facebook store, Lizzie took the time to network with online entrepreneurs who are in similar industries. This online network helped with her initial marketing by posting shout-outs about her new store. The sales leads didn’t come rushing in, of course, but with her perseverance and determination, Lizzie was able to convert her Facebook fans into sales.

She initially sold her crafts at an Australian craft supplier hosting website, but she discovered that nearly all her sales leads there were also her Facebook fans, so maintaining the high cost of that website seemed largely irrelevant. Since moving her online store to Facebook, Lizzie has been able to generate sales leads largely from the numerous positive comments and feedback that her fanbase posts on her wall.

Whether they convert to sales or become good friends, her success in engaging her fans can almost consider Lizzie an expert on lead nurturing. She has frequent conversations with her fans, often about personal topics that build a relationship of trust. This, in addition to consistently good prices, good service and good products have turned her passion into a successful money-making business.

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