Tuesday, September 17, 2013

7 Worthy Ambitions Every Content Marketer Should Live By

7 Worthy Ambitions Every Content Marketer Should Live By

Content marketing has provided a paradigm shift for traditional marketers.

Gone are the days when all they do is stuff keywords and optimize their sites for search – now, they focus on content as the major driving force in attracting and maintaining a following.

But it’s more than just writing how-to articles or adding infographics on conventional blog posts. Content marketing must be executed with a much deeper goal than content itself, to separate those who genuinely using content from those who think they are.

A true content marketer aspires to achieve most, if not all, of the following ambitions:

1. Put the customers on a pedestal.

It’s high time that marketing content would focus on the customers more than the product – explore their pains, acknowledge their needs, and see things in their points of view.

2. Make customers smart.

Companies in industries such as telecommunications and computer hardware aim first to educate their customers on how to make their user experience become more productive. Through content, you can help overcome objections and complaints, as well as illustrate the benefits of using a product or service.

3. Bridge the gap between buyers and sellers.

It is one of the tasks of content marketers to find a common ground between companies and consumers to help them better understand each other and work out a healthy, giving relationship.

4. Attract new people.

Aside from catering the existing customers, it is also an objective to bring more people in the loop.

Prospective customers sometimes do research before deciding to buy something, and through blog /articles they can be provided with an easier path in decision making.

5. Developing new ideas.

If you’re contemplating on new business propositions or re-positioning your key products, you can use content to see how people would react to them.  

Content is a breeding ground for innovation and reaction analysis, giving you a low-risk avenue to “test the waters”.

6. Build reputation in search engines

The right way. Google no longer rewards sites that use traditional SEO tactics to gain high rankings.

They now focus on originality, relevance, and credibility. This leaves marketers with no choice but to use high quality content to build a search reputation.

7. Tell the right story.

The effectiveness of a story relies mainly on the type of audience, the timing of the post, and the approach used in conveying the message.

Whichever way a content marketer chooses to walk on, the story must be able to sell the idea. To do this, paint a picture of their lives would change by using your product or service.

They should be able to “mentally try your product on for size” to facilitate them in their buying process. Harness the power of storytelling and use it effectively.

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