Friday, October 4, 2013

The Five Traits Of Good Telemarketers

The Five Traits Of Good Telemarketers
You have to admit that finding good telemarketers could be so hard. And it is not helping that B2B telemarketing is so badly perceived by most people who hear of it.
Well, this comes with the territory. It is up to the people who use it to make it more acceptable. Anyway, in a B2B lead generation campaign, you would not be dealing with private individuals per se. Rather, you want to do business with the company as a whole.
Now, to be successful in this regards, you would need to choose people with the right qualities.
And what could these qualities be?
  1. Being Assertive

    B2B lead generation representatives know how to assert themselves.

    Not in the sense that they are aggressive or rude, but more about being able to prove the merits of their offers. This is basically the middle ground between passive and aggressive sales tactics. You know that both ends of the spectrum will not work, so you have to stick to the middle.

  2. Being Self-Aware

    Being aware of how they feel and the mood they are in is important for any marketer.

    Most would just plug away at their task, without taking note of their outward expression. And what you feel inside would most likely be displayed. You do not want to unconsciously frown in front of business prospects, right?

  3. Being Empathetic

    In order to effectively establish rapport, your marketers need to possess empathy.

    To be able to put oneself in the shoes of the other person, that is a skill and a personality that effective marketers possess. For your
    B2B appointment setting campaign to be successful, you have to earn the trust and confidence of your sales leads prospects. And you can only do that if you have empathy.

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  4. Being Solution-Driven

    You have to admit that your customers are only with you if you can provide them with a business solution.

    If you cannot provide one, or if the solution you have is not what they need, then they will not buy from you at all. For you to get the deal, you need to first offer the solution. Only then will they be your customers.

  5. Being Positive

    Having an optimistic outlook in life and work is a mark of good

    You know that this kind job of can be a soul-draining, one that can heavily impact your business later on. By having people who can see the bright side of things, you would have a better chance of interacting well with the market.

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Well, if finding people for your telemarketing campaign is hard, then you can always go for another option.
Outsourcing your marketing process to a competent B2B lead generation agency can also be a good business investment. As long as you choose well, and you supervise the people assigned to you properly, then you will be able to reach your sales leads targets. Who knows, this might be the business solution that you are looking for.

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