Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cold Calling: Make the Most of Your 30 Seconds

In telemarketing, there’s a usual 30 seconds for your sales prospects prior to them making that decision. Make use of that very crucial 30 seconds you got since business owners receive many unsolicited cold calls on a daily basis.

During the cold calling process, it’s imperative to be stay on topic and be professional. Calling someone just out of the blue entails researching about your target, discover if they’re still hiring, what their corporate philosophy is, and how big their firm is. Before dialing that number, you must already have that basic info of every company you should call. Various modern social sites such as LinkedIn and Jigsaw can help you in gathering fresh sales leads and business contact details.

Start off with a professional greeting. For now, this is not yet the time to advertise your product, because you’ve no idea if they even have a need for that. Just keep the whole conversation light and easy. Make them feel you’re interested in connecting and building relationships with them.

Express the purpose of your call. For respecting both your time, in just 30 seconds, your prospects must already clearly understood what your product is all about. Just tackle on the 3 major factors on your products’ benefits and features. Giving chances for inquiries at the other end of the line, as this makes them interested.

Thank them. Want to be a step ahead of the competition? If you have the means, then a hand written thank you note sent to them is good. If you know that your prospect has a Twitter account, then thank them publicly. Social media is a great alternative if sending mails is out of your budget.

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