Thursday, April 19, 2012

Australian B2b Marketing Outlook

3 years ago, b2b marketing was still relatively unknown in Australia. It was hypothesized by Kimon Lycos (of that this was due to the significant percentages earned by b2c marketers for each advertisement and the difficulties faced in b2b marketing. Marketing for b2b companies can’t be influenced by catchy jingles, colorful TV advertisements or promoted by famous celebrities, an advantage enjoyed by b2c marketers. B2b marketing relies on the marketer’s own people skills, product knowledge and properly done company research. But b2c marketers should learn from b2b marketers. B2b marketing is generally more targeted compared to b2c. A strategy which is laudable especially when compared to b2c's irritatingly bullish marketing strategies.

Green Hat has conducted a research report that explores b2b marketing in Australia and confirmed suspicions such as more businesses leaning more towards digital marketing and the planned increase in marketing budget for b2b sales leads generation. The B2B Marketing Outlook Australia 2012 research report also points out significant trends in Australian b2b marketing:

  1. Significant increase in upsell and cross-sell activities of b2b marketers highlighting emphasis on lead nurturing and lead management programs; 
  2.  The need to focus on sales and marketing integration to ensure that sales teams religiously follow up on all sales leads delivered by the marketing teams; 
  3.  Further development of social media marketing plans; 
  4.  Increase in the significance of measuring marketing ROI to support the need for sales and marketing integration.

The research presents a positive outlook for the future of b2b marketing in Australia. "The good news is that the vast majority of Australian B2B businesses are increasing – or at least maintaining – their level of investment in marketing." - Green Hat

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