Monday, April 16, 2012

How To Keep Your Superstar Telemarketers

We all know just how challenging it is to be in the lead generation business in Australia. Stress levels are pretty high, and the number of success that you get may not be as much as you want. This can be especially true if you are using telemarketing as your medium. Still, you can be thankful that you have someone who may be doing an excellent job in generating more sales leads. Good for you. But, like all workers these days, your superstar worker may be looking for better pastures. But you need him, right? But you know you cannot promote or give him a raise. So how do you keep him?

  1. Be preemptive – talk to your talent. Tell him how you value his work, and that he has a lot of potentials. You just have to be honest about the current situation, why you cannot give him a raise or a promotion
  2. Be a great boss – believe it or not, people leave companies not because of the pay, but because of the boss. If you are a great leader, then employees will not leave you. Indeed, they might look for means so that you stay as their boss.
  3. Allow them informal growth – give them opportunities in other areas of your business. Let them have a say in some important strategies in your business. The pay may stay the same, but employees appreciate the feeling that they have a hand in expanding the firm.

These are just some of the ways you can try.

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