Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aim For The Best Customer Service Provider In Australia

Customer service is an important aspect of business that ensures your customers return to you. When your converted business leads call your agents for help, your telemarketers should be prepared to provide the best possible assistance they can offer. This, in turn, helps your telemarketing team to upsell much more easily the next time they make a call.

For businesses in Australia, being noted as a company with great customer service will ensure you of more receptive b2b sales leads. The organization, Customer Service Institute of Australia, organizes an annual competition that awards exceptional customer service providers. The CSIA is the highest awarding body in Australia for customer service, and being chosen as a winner definitely sets your company apart from the rest.

Other companies should strive not only to improve their products and services, but also to improve how their telemarketers and sales people treat the most important factor of any business, the customers. These customers should be reassured that should any problem arise from their use of your products or service, your technical team of telemarketers will be more than willing to find a solution for that problem. When your customers see how great your customer service is, they would not hesitate to refer your services to their acquaintances, providing you with more business leads to help your business grow.

“Understanding our customer’s needs and exceeding their expectation at each contact, is every employee’s primary goal. Receiving this prestigious award today is external recognition that we are a leader in our industry and one that is truly committed to delivering the best possible customer service experience.”

This is the statement of John Goddard, CEO of the two-time CSIA awardee Rockend and best describes the benefit of being recognized for customer service excellence.

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