Monday, June 25, 2012

Annoy Your Customers Big Time In Three Ways

If there is one thing that you do not want to be in your lead generation company in Australia, it is being called an annoyance. Indeed, when people think of your call as an irritation in their business, you are not getting any sales leads at all. If you want to be more successful in business leads generation, then you should minimize the annoyance you create for your business prospects. But how can you do that effectively in your B2B leads campaign? To start with, you need to unlearn stuff from your telemarketing class that was considered truth. Truthfully speaking, these are sure-fire ways to ruin your work.
  1. Using a script – to start with, you should be engaging with your customers. Using a script of questions defeats the purpose of natural conversation. Instead, create a general agenda, share it with the prospect, and begin your talk from there.
  2. Act like a ‘know-it-all’ – acting like you know your prospect’s business more than they do will not only make them think that you are pretentious, but you are a total jerk. Please, if you want to impress your prospect, then do so by giving useful information.
  3. Giving a sales pitch – a sales pitch is not as good it used to be, believe it or not. The truth is, if you use this, prospects will think that all you want is to sell. This will drive them away from you.
Being an effective lead generation worker is not really hard. What you just need to do is to unlearn the wrong things that were taught to you in the past.

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