Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How To Convert More Qualified Leads For Your Australia Lead Generation Campaign

If you want to get more profits from each of your business sales leads in Australia, then treat them in the same way that you would like to be treated. If you fill-in a contact form to inquire about car painting prices, then of course you’d want to receive a reply right away. If, however, you don’t receive a response immediately (or after about an hour or so), wouldn’t you look for another service provider who would be more attentive? This is exactly what your b2b sales leads think!

Here are a few tips to help you give proper attention to each of your b2b sales leads and convert more into clients for your business:

  • When using your website for your lead generation campaigns, why not offer a live chat feature? This way, all your sales leads’ inquiries can be answered immediately. Having this feature could also help your sales people get conversions right away.
  • Have enough inbound telemarketers to receive all incoming calls. A common issue of business leads (and not just in Australia) is having to wait too long before being connected to a call center agent. When your sales leads don’t have to wait for 5 minutes just to get through to a call center agent, you’ve already gotten in your potential client’s good graces. Increasing your telemarketing agents on demand can be easily done by outsourcing the process to a reliable b2b telemarketing company.
  • Have a system that methodically disseminates all sales inquiries to all your sales representatives. Having to do these manually can greatly decrease your efficiency, and you would still have to figure out which sales rep has the time to schedule a business appointment and who doesn’t. Also, don’t dump everything on your best reps as they can only handle so many clients. By accomplishing everything systematically, each qualified sales leads’ concern can be catered to appropriately and all of your sales reps get a chance to close a sale depending on their personal skills.

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