Monday, August 26, 2013

Brain Food: A Huge Wave Of Telemarketing Tips From Plants vs Zombies

Brain Food: A Huge Wave Of Telemarketing Tips From Plants vs Zombies

The eagerly anticipated sequel to the popular Popcap game has just been released, while raves of apparent delight are sweeping through game reviews all over the web. Although Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time is initially exclusive to iOS devices, it will inevitably jump across platforms (Android users, hold your horses) and soon everyone can resurrect (pun not intended) the addiction once more.
In honor of this game-changing amusement, let’s take a look at how Plants vs Zombies can give us pointers on becoming a competent telemarketer:

Know your weapons.  

Each plant was designed to produce a unique way of attacking zombies, and as the game goes further, the number of plants also increases.

It is essential for the homeowner to know the plants’ abilities by heart so he could use them in the right moments. Telemarketers must also have the same self-awareness for them to be able to maximize their strengths and use them to “attack” on their calls.

Formulate a strategy.  

There’s a difference between knowing what your weapons are and how to use them.

Pvz is a
strategy game – you will NEVER finish it without a tactic in mind, and even luck won’t be able to help you. In the same manner, you shouldn’t just go and call a prospect without the slightest idea on how telemarketing works. You should at least have sort of a “structure” so that everything falls into logical order.

Maintain your “Zen”.  

When you’re not “in the game”, there’s an opportunity for you to cultivate plants in a Zen Garden so you could use them as resources in the future.

Telemarketers can do this too
; they can do research, practice their spiels, or do relaxation techniques so they can be mentally prepared. Or maybe they can maintain a real garden at home.

Always have a backup plan.  

Sometimes, despite of tremendous preparation and brainwork, the wave of zombies just becomes too difficult to stop, and in such cases you may need to rely on your last line of defenses.

Some people even put a backup on their backup, just to be sure. So what would be a telemarketer’s final resistance when a call just seems like it’s going to fail? Composure. Professionalism. Optimism. Courtesy. Resiliency. Just to name a few.

When that big one comes along, give your best shot.

Each person reacts differently upon seeing that gigantic zombie holding an electrical post.

Some get agitated and would throw everything at it, while others remain calm and wait for that right plant to be ready. Much like in telemarketing, where big things only come once in a while, you should be ready to grab an opportunity and not let it slip – or else, say goodbye to your brains.

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