Thursday, August 22, 2013

How Can Appointment Setters Get Past The Do Not Call Registry

How Can Appointment Setters Get Past The Do Not Call Registry

Marketing has changed, there is no denying it.

This is a constantly evolving profession, one that compels you to adapt tactics and strategies to reach your audience better. Of course, since marketing, by nature, is rather intrusive in the lives of your business prospects, the methods you employ may not be acceptable to the tastes of your sales leads prospects.

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One of the strategies that show such repulsion (with varying levels of effectiveness) deals with appointment setting services.

Calling potential customers on the phone may look like an easy task, but with restrictive laws and regulations, like the Do Not Call Registry, this makes it all the more challenging for even the most skilled marketers.

Still, this cannot really be helped.

The very nature of such method of lead generation, where a marketer looks for potential business prospects, establishes a connection with them, nurtures the relationship, and, when the time is right, ask for the business, can be construed as invasion of privacy for some individuals.

And considering that the usual tool used for this is a telephone, you can be sure that a lot of people would be complaining about it. This has been the usual reaction. After all, who wants to answer the phone, only to hear the pleasant voice of someone offering stuff and what-not’s that they may not need. Certainly, this is no rosy situation for appointment setters anywhere.

That is why the Do Not Call Registry is so popular with the private populace.

All they need to do is to sign up, register their names and numbers, and that is all.

When a telemarketing representative calls a registered number, this can be construed as violation of the law. The poor telemarketer will end up facing serious criminal charges as a result. This service is free in most places, so a lot of people take advantage of it. The numbers have reached the hundreds of millions, actually. It can create a lot of problems for marketers who are looking for business prospects. But there is a way around it.

Yes, you can get past the challenge posted by the Do Not Call Registry.

You see, as protective as the Registry can be to private individuals, this same protection does not extend to companies.

Now, this is where the opportunity beckons. I mean, you have to admit that businesses need to actively interact with other businesses. Doing that includes telephone calls back and forth, lunch meetings, business presentations, etc. All these can be done, as long as you contact the person using his business phone number and within office hours. No one will complain about it, really.
What other ways can entrepreneurs use to begin interaction or in prospecting of potential B2B leads? This is business, and a public framework as it is. The rules of private citizenry need not apply.

See? It can be that simple. Still, if you feel that calling business prospects on the phone is not your strongest suite, you can also outsource the job to a professional appointment setting agency.
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