Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lead Generation Tips For Those In A Budget

Generating B2B leads is a need, not a want, in the world of business. Common sense will tell you that. I mean, if you want to stay in business, you need to make a profit. In order for you to make a profit, you need to sell a lot. And in order for you to sell a lot, you need a lot of sales leads. For big firms, this is not that much of an issue, since they have the budget and the manpower for it. It is the smaller firms who have this problem, most who are on a shoestring marketing budget. For these firms, attracting a good chunk of the market may seem like a dream.  
But if they follow these simple lead generation tips, they will be able to have a fighting chance:
  1. Establish partnerships with other firms – let us say that you are a manufacturer of hotdogs. You know another firm that sells hotdog buns. You meet with the other firm and strike a marketing partnership with them for hotdog sandwiches. This will pool your resources and bring both your products out to the market faster.
  2. Join activities that gives visibility to your business – ever wondered why Sir Richard Branson is involved in so many stunts and other public events? It is because he wants to increase the visibility for his company, the Virgin Group. You can do that as well, joining public events that lend publicity to your company, as well as introduce ways in which your products can be used by the market.
  3. Ask your current users for testimonials – nothing can be more convincing than to hear someone you know recommend you something. If you already have customers already, but you need more, ask them to help you out in promotions. Not only will this lighten up your telemarketing team’s load, it will also lend some credibility for your business inside social circles.
  4. Have your employees chip in on the marketing effort – it could be as simple as having them wear a company shirt (which can also double as uniform), to organizing elaborate public activities that creates interest in your company. Besides, if your employees believe that your company is worth it, they will not hesitate to associate themselves with your business.
  5. Outsource your marketing process – this is in terms of appointment setting and other activities that require a specific skill-set that you or your employees may not have or too expensive to do in house. Sure, pundits will say that this will be the ruin of your firm, but as long as you work with the right agency, and at a reasonable price, then you have nothing to lose. Indeed, this could be a really smart investment for you to make.

You do not need to spend a lot in order to conduct a successful lead generation campaign. As long as you follow these tips, then you would be in a better position to succeed (at a lower price). You just have to tap into creative and innovative side to pull this off.

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