Thursday, August 15, 2013

Positioning Your Business Effectively In Lead Generation

The thing about lead generation and the success of one that you organize rests on your ability to present your business in a favorable light to prospective B2B leads.

This is what you call a business positioning. 

Think of it as that mental picture or message that floats in your head, which describes the essence of your business and why it operates.

Without a good business positioning, your marketing efforts will lack that goal that has made many others successful in their own endeavors. It may look like a very simple matter, but if we are talking about business and how we can improve it, then you really have to position your business well.

The reason why some businesses fail in crafting an effective positioning statement could be blamed on their failure to understand what exactly a positioning statement should be.

Some mistake it as the description of what their products or services can do.Others think that this is the description of what your company is.

In a way, both of these reasons can be right, but there is another reason why this is not true. If you want to capture a market, if you really want to get the attention of your sales leads, then you need to focus on what your potential customers like best.

A lot of marketers think that describing what their business is, or what their products or services can do to customers is the positioning statement.

That is not true.

You cannot call a positioning statement a positioning statement if all you give out are the facts. This is the mistake that a lot of marketers make in their appointment setting campaign. Simply put, a positioning statement or element is that idea or mental space that your brand occupies in the minds of your customers.

Here, you focus on the bond that your prospect has with your business. You need to get in touch with their emotions, their feelings about your business and with them.

Let us take Nike, as an example. You can pretty much figure out what their positioning is based on their tagline. In this case, it is ‘Just Do It’. From the tagline itself, we can infer what their business positioning is: ‘you should not get encumbered by challenges thrown your way and proceed with what you want to do’.

Their positioning statement is summarized in just three words, but its implications to those who hear it is great. It compels their customers to go ahead with their dreams, face the challenges, and go ahead and make the change.You can say that this emotional bond cements the company’s connection with its customer base. This is the reason why Nike has such a strong following.

What about you? What kind of positioning do you have in mind to help your telemarketing team? Remember, you need something that packs an emotional punch in the hearts and minds of your lead generation prospects, as well as basically describe what your business is and what it can do for your customers.

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