Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Importance of Outbound Telemarketing Services in Australian Firms

Australian companies make use of telemarketing for their client support and other inbound services. Various firms in Australia have made the most of this effective tool in establishing a successful marketing campaign; b2b telemarketing provides all the vital benefits—fast speed, ability to ask for direct feedback from the prospects, easy access, and not to mention the fact that you can offer the most suitable solutions to the clients’ needs.

Nevertheless, b2b telemarketing services in Australia is not merely restrained within inbound calls. There’s another side to marketing by phone and that’s outbound cold calling. Outbound telemarketing is more about researching on the current markets, contacting decision makers of the companies and bringing more new clients to fill in the sales pipeline. The difference between inbound and outbound phone marketing is that with regards to the former, it concentrates on how to retain customers by addressing to their needs and concerns, while in outbound telemarketing, it focuses on how to generate new businesses.

Cold calling can be used not only for acquiring new clients, but also in knowing more about your target niche. Conducting market surveys via phone can help unlock the customers’ preferences. The obtained data will aid in guiding the Australian firm in recreating products and/or services in accordance to the targeted leads’ preferences.

Lead generation services. This process enables a marketing agent to directly contact decision makers to determine if the latter are interested in making a purchase. Also, this enables agents to generate only qualified sales leads and willing buyers.

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