Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finding Qualified B2B Leads And Business Opportunities In Australia With Blackjack Strategies

Ever liked gambling? Personally, I am not into it. But there is no denying that gambling and business share the same quality of courting with risk. And risk will always be there, no matter what. There will always be the unknown when you are in the lead generation and appointment setting business. The way qualified Australia B2B leads are generated is not something that can be planned in every detail. Just like in the game of blackjack, you have to know when you have the winning hand and when you have to walk away. Business can be likened to that, and there are gambling rules that you can apply to your firm as well.

1. Choose what works – in blackjack, you need to know which hand will give you a better chance in winning. It is the same thing with generating qualified business sales leads. You have to figure out which marketing strategy will work. Why not try outsourcing some of your tasks, or using professional telemarketing services to find b2b leads?

2. Learn to walk away – when you are in a winning streak in blackjack, you have to know when to walk away. Because if you still insist in playing, you might lose it all. Marketing shares such a characteristic. You need to learn when to walk away when a strategy is not working anymore.

3. Double your efforts on what works – blackjack can be profitable for the smart gambler if he doubles down on the strategy that works. It works similarly in marketing, where investing more in a winning strategy will work. If an experienced b2b appointment setter that delivers what they promise for a campaign, then why not lengthen the project you have with them?

Although it may be gambling, this is a strategy that will work well with you.

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