Monday, July 23, 2012

Four Mistakes Wrecking Your Telemarketing Campaign

In any lead generation and appointment setting campaign in Australia, it is necessary to get the right tools for the job. Indeed, there are cases where you have to choose something old, yet tried and proven, so that you can get an edge over the competition. And this is in terms of generating qualified business sales leads; the stuff that expert telemarketing services seem to be the most adept to do. Now, you may have been able to get your hands on a really good telemarketing company, but the way you manage your firm might be to your detriment. Some mistakes can cause you telemarketing grief, such as:

1. Being too complicated
– prospects prefer working with a company that is easy enough for them to handle. Your telemarketing team will appreciate it if you avoid antagonizing prospects with your complex systems.

2. Being too intrusive – yes, you might want really good results, but if you insist in calling prospects at all times of the day, not only will you not get any B2B leads, you also end up getting tagged as a nuisance.

3. Being too exclusive – in other words, you exclude other prospects that you think will not be your customers. That is a mistake, since they might turn out to be the ones your business will need.

4. Being misleading in name – when you think of a company name, always consider your business. Your name is reflective of your offering, so make sure both of them match.

I hope you can avoid these mistakes.

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