Thursday, September 27, 2012

Raising Prices? Get Your Lead Generation Work Right

When things get tough in Australia, like what is happening now to the financial industry, raising prices is not a form of greed. Rather, it could be the only way for you to survive. But how can you raise prices without alienating your current customers? That is a challenge faced by a lot of firms, especially when that issue comes into play during a B2B lead generation campaign. Generating sales leads is hard, so you need to keep whatever current customers you have. But you also need to raise prices, too. So how can you strike a balance? How can your lead generation campaign help you in this task?

  1. Tell them the real reason – credibility is crucial here so you need to be honest with your customers. One of the reasons customers reject appointment setting attempts is when they feel like they were being lied to.
  2. Warn them, way ahead of time – ample warnings of price increases can help cushion the impact. Perhaps the best way to do this is through a telemarketing-based lead generation campaign. In this way, you can directly inform your customers about impending changes in price.
  3. Give discounts to your existing customers – show that you value your customers by giving them discounts, putting the bulk of your increase instead to your new customers. This will help make your clients stay, and reduce your need for new financial leads.

Now, negotiations and lead generation is tough work, and you may not be good at it, so you might have to outsource to a professional appointment setting agency.

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