Friday, June 15, 2012

How To Be More Credible In Your Business

Credibility is one business asset that you should never take for granted. That is a fact. After all, your success or failure in Australia will depend mostly on you anchor your customers’ faith in your capability. This can be better understood in terms of lead generation work. Good sales leads come from prospects who believe that the telemarketing representative on the phone is a credible person, someone who knows and lives by what he says. And that can be a challenge for some, since their business might not live up to the expectations. This might affect your ability to generate B2B leads more successfully.

So, how do you shore up your credibility, and end up being a trusted business brand?

1. Avoid using ‘absolutes” – customers will appreciate it if you can skip on the words always, all, definitely, absolutely and similar other words. Using these words on your call and you will appear to them as some scammer out to steal their money. Just be honest, plain and simple.
2. Be another observer, not the leader – leave the heavy-lifting to the experts. You may know something about the market, but if it will not match to Wikipedia and other what-not’s, you might as well act as a peer for your prospects. They like it if they can have someone to talk to on their level.
3. Practice what you preach – if you can talk the talk, you should also walk the walk. One reason why prospects turn away from you is because you do not follow your own advice. Prove what you say by showing it.

It is that simple to follow, really. Even in a country such as Australia.

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